A Ministry Transition

A Ministry Transition

Graham Cooke once referred to me as the ‘keeper of the prophetic words’ of Aglow. Through the years, I have treasured each one and have endeavored to keep them before the Aglow family. Some might ask why I do this? I do this because each prophetic word must become as real and alive in our hearts as it is in God’s heart. Prophetic words are our history written in advance telling us what God has stored up for us in the future. As we reach that point in time, that prophetic word will come out of the unseen realm and into our realm. Never lose the hope prophetic words bring. Simply believe.

Dutch Sheets was speaking at Aglow’s 2017 Conference. Dutch has spoken at several of our conferences, so in that regard, he has gathered a sense of spiritual awareness of the ongoing call of God upon this ministry. It was in this particular setting that Dutch sensed the stirring of the Holy Spirit for Aglow and he began to speak out to those gathered for this significant gathering.

“I am going to pray a prayer of commissioning, I sense that this weekend is a recommissioning of this ministry. It is a re-mantling. It is a next phase launch and I feel that I am to pray a commissioning prayer.

“Let us raise our hands. The word of the Lord is going to resound from Heaven, and you are going to decree some things and it is going to be established.

“And I say for this ministry…

  • You are going to reach down and grab entire tribes and people groups around the world…and you are going to pull them through the right-time window.
  • Strategy is coming through this portal
  • Dreams and visions are coming.
  • You are going to have the Word of the Lord clearly.
  • You are going to tap into your history, but you are also going to move into your tomorrow.
  • You are going to grab the Covenant of the past, you are going to grab the promises and you are going to keep the foundation strong and you are going to use that to fight in the future. God is going to give back to you the words, the prophecies, and the dreams of those before you.
  • You are going to model the Ecclesia.
  • You are going to model what it means to be one who moves in kingly intercession, where you not only petition upward, you decree downward. You not only ask the Father to do it, you command for the Father and the Son that it be done.
  • You are going to bind and loose and use keys that He will give you for this season.
  • You are authorized to release Kingdom dominion in the earth.
  • Signs and wonders will be a part of this movement.
  • The dead will be raised before the eyes of kings and leaders.
  • Imams will bow the knee because of signs and wonders.
  • Dreams and visions will be a regular part and you will move into the new and we commission you to do it in the Name of Jesus.”

Next, Dan Hammer, Pastor of Sonrise Christian Center, spoke these words:

“We have commissioned Jane out of our local church apostolically. As we stand here for the 50th celebration of Aglow Int’l, I believe there is going to be a release on the forefront of the apostolic, prophetic movement. You are going to begin to bring models of how to destroy strongholds.

  • You are going to dethrone principalities that have been enthroned in cultures and nations.
  • You are going to dethrone what the enemy has enthroned.
  • You are also going to break the power the enemy has been given.
  • You are also going to see a new authority released through this commissioning.
  • He is sending Aglow tonight and there is a release of an apostolic authority.”

Then Barbara Yoder, Senior Pastor of Shekinah Church, spoke:

  • I am dropping the mantle for kingly intercession on you and on Aglow.
  • I am going to shift the minds of every leader in Aglow.
  • You are called to save the cities and the nations of the earth through kingly intercession.
  • Even tonight I am putting a new scepter of royal kingly authority in your hand.
  • I have called you to bring down the power and the principality of the nation and the nations.
  • I declare to you that we are in a new movement that is Holy.
  • I am giving you the ability to see through every smoke screen, every deception, through everything that would cause your vision to be dimmed.
  • For you have been being prepared all of your life for such a time as this. You have been honed and fashioned and formed in the pain, and in the Word and in the worship.
  • I am putting a fire in your mouth that shall go before you and shall destroy your enemies.
  • This is the day where you empty the stones from your pocket.
  • This is the day where you let loose of where you have fallen short or missed the mark.
  • He is calling you to a high place.

In agreement I closed with these words:

  • This is the time to break off false timidity. Timidity that has caused us to hold back
  • I commission the whole of Aglow to arise, to arise in this transitioning time
  • We have stepped into a new place

We say yes to King Jesus!



  1. Olga on June 21, 2024 at 12:24 pm

    yes, amen! May I inherit these words that been spoken over Aglow and share them effectively with others.

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