Let Him Increase

Let Him Increase

Two days ago, as I returned home from running errands, I heard the sound of a shrill, demanding kind of alarm going off. When I unlocked my door I realized that the alarm was coming from a fire alarm on the second floor of my house and was going off for no apparent reason. Nothing had been disturbed. Nothing was on the verge of exploding in fire. Everything appeared to be in the same order in which I had left it. So, why the alarm? I decided it was just a fluke, or possibly the battery needed to be replaced.

He Is the Firm Foundation

Then a friend of mine brought my attention to an article recently published in Charisma magazine. The title was, “Do You Hear the Alarm?” The author was speaking about a storm coming. I am not an alarmist by nature. Yet, with the increased sound of hate speech and violence in the world, it is impossible to not realize we are living in times that are revealing greater darkness. The need for light, brilliant light is being sought out in an ever-increasing way. People are looking for hope, for encouragement, and for the firm foundation that truth brings.

It Is Time

As I said, nothing seemed disturbed in my house. Everything seemed normal. But that is exactly my point. Life is going on around us. Everything can appear to be “normal.” Yet, in the spirit realm, there is an alarm sounding. It has become a sound that cannot be ignored.

It is time…the right time…to make any necessary changes in your life. Does your personal battery need to be recharged? Don’t ignore it. Rest and laughter are necessary. If you are in debt, it is time to take care of it. If you are shy about verbalizing your love to family and friends, now is the time to “get over it” and begin to speak out your love and appreciation. If there are other areas in your life where you have held back, or conversely, you’ve been one to run ahead, then now is the time to learn to walk by the Spirit and align with Heaven in your actions.

Without wanting to sound like an alarmist, I feel there is an urgency to take some necessary steps, as the Lord has been prompting. We do this without a sense of fear, but of preparation.

Take more quiet time to sit in His Presence.
Take time to commune with Him.
Pray from the position of peace.
Speak from that place of inner quietness.

Let Him increase within you so your light becomes even brighter.



  1. Diane on August 19, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    I want to take a moment to “speak out my love and appreciation” for you, Jane, and for Aglow. In my 30 years of serving on staff at headquarters, my life has been enriched by our friendship all these years, and by the amazing work God did in my heart during that time. I’m grateful for all that I learned and the wonderful opportunities I had as a leader in Aglow. Our friendship continues, of course, because we have shared our hearts and lives. That won’t change. I just wanted to take a moment to express my love and appreciation to you, Jane. Much love to you dear friend.

  2. Alice Bale on August 19, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    Jane I have been feeling this all week, especially when my group gather to pray. we had an amazing time in Ezekiel 47 with the Lord making us aware how the water of the river of God is rising in our land. Pouring out like a flood to cleanse, to restore, to call back the lost and fight and not allow our age or our situations to slow us down or hold us back. Your leadership is an amazing example to those of us in Aglow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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